The Rising Moon

The Rising Moon

Unique  recordings of Osho’s earliest phase: starting with the famous Meditation Camps in Mount Abu, continuing through his stay in the Bombay apartment and up to the Ashram in Poona



The earlier years of Osho’s life are not nearly as well documented as the later phases in Poona or in the US.


But still there are a few unique recordings remaining, reaching back as far as the late 1960s, when Osho was still called Acharya Rajneesh and performed his famous Meditations Camps in Mount Abu, at that time primarily with Indian participants.


Osho was still speaking publicly in cities like Bombay and drawing tens of thousands of people.

But even at that early stage the shockwaves of this millennium occurrence reached around the world and gradually the first seekers from the west arrived in India.

A few years later Osho began to initiate these spiritual seekers into his Neo-Sannyas, a revolutionary new approach towards life.

In order to dedicate himself entirely to authentic seekers, Osho dropped his travelling around India and his public speeches as the majority of audiences were not interested in changing their lives, and moved to Bombay.

In his apartment there he began to speak only for his Sannyasins and visitors who were really interested in finding themselves.

Very soon this apartment became too small for the enormous number of people coming from all over the world.


At the end of 1973 a group of Sannyasins, lead by the Greek disciple Mukta, bought a house with a surrounding garden property in nearby Poona and invited Osho to stay amongst them and to speak to them.

On his enlightenment day, March 21st 1974, Osho moved into his new flat in Koregaon Park and started to give daily discourses on the terrace in front of his living room.

This little place started to write the history of spiritualism anew and was in the headlines of the world press for the next two decades.

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